Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tip of the Day Tuesday

Here's another great tip from the MCQS brain!
Ever have the ucky gunk on the soleplate of your iron? If it's not taken care of, you can actually ruin projects by continuing to iron with the gunk. Here are some suggestions:

* Use a teflon Applique Pressing Sheet over items that you're ironing that may have fusibles to prevent the sticky from even coming in contact with your iron.
*OR - use kitchen parchment paper or a thin towel as a cost saving measure.

* If the gunk appears anyway, use a product we recommend called Iron Clean, which is formulated specifically to remove the gunk. It's a sheet that you place on top of a paper towel and simply iron the gunk away.
* OR - use a fabric softener dryer sheet in the same manner as above for a cost saving measure.

Remember, every penny saved is fabric earned!

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