Friday, November 26, 2010

Amanda's Other Hobby

Most of you probably don't know that in addition to all the sewing and crafty things I love, I LOVE to cook! My whole family looked at me funny 2 weeks ago when I announced that I wanted to cook the Thanksgiving meal. But what a meal it was! Grilled turkey (yes, the whole turkey in a pan on the grill), sweet potatoes complete with marshmallows, Grandma's corn casserole, Aunt Kimmie's green beans, Grandma's orange jello salad, frozen cranberry salad (that thaws in the bowl while you're putting everything else on the table), rolls, stuffing muffins (what a hoot they were to make!), pumpkin pie and shoofly pie. A tradtional Pennsylvania Dutch Thankgiving Dinner! From our family to yours, Happy Holidays!

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Peggy F said...

Sounds scrumptious. I actually cooked yesterday too, but only quick bread and sweet potatoes. Glad you had a great day.