Saturday, October 10, 2009

This *#$!^*( Computer

So, here's the thing...evidently this little computer doesn't have enough memory to handle all the pictures I want to show you. This is my plan - I'll keep posting our finds in dialogue and then on Monday when we're home I'll do a completely photo post. And to sweeten the deal and keep you checking, comments to the photo post will count twice in our drawing. Stick with me, it's worth it I promise.
I attended a business class this morning hosted by a panel of other shop owners who are very successful and willing to share great tips. Marcia did a great bag class with Pat Sloan using her new fabric line from P&B Textiles, Georgia.
At 9:30 the exhibits and vendors opened and the long walk began. We saw lots of new things. I found more adorable stuffed creatures today that we just had to have. I envision the kid's tent in our shop full of them to play with! I'm on the hunt for a new Block of the Month pattern to begin at the shop as well as new bags and, of course, quilts. We mostly look this first day, evaluate all the literature we picked up tonight, and then complete purchases tomorrow.
I'm planning to write orders tomorrow for new Australian Aboriginal fabrics from M&S Textiles for a new pattern called Magic Carpet; the blue and white batiks from Timeless Treasures for Karen Montgomery's Blue Moon pattern as well as Amy Butler's new line LOVE to make her Sexy Hexy quilt.
I've been invited to attend a sales roundtable meeting tomorrow with the folks at Timeless Treasures - I'm one of 10 shop owners across the country to be invited. Not sure exactly what the meeting is about but I'm sure it will be informative and I'm honored to have been invited. We have a 10AM moda appointment and then the rest of the day will be spent gathering up all the goodies we looked at today.
We're tired after party hopping tonight! We started at the 30th Anniversary Reception at the convention center, moved to the Robert Kaufman party for dinner and on to the Timeless Party for dessert. Good times, good times.
Thanks for following - tomorrow a full run down of what we got. We'll be home soon!


WoolenSails said...

It sounds like a hectic but fun day.
Can't wait to see all the new items.


DonnaCME said...

I'm sorry about your computer frustrations....but we'll wait until you get home to see all the pictures. Kind of like waiting for a birthday present to arrive...!!

Pegola said...

Hurray. Block of the month! Amy Butler! Stuffed creatures! And --- Congratulations on being one of the "chosen ones." Can't wait to see all the stuff. Peggy

jmbr said...

Sorry about the computer issues. The little computers are nice but they do have their issues. So we will wait. Sounds ver exciting. I have never done a quilt block of the month but sounds like I should look into it. Congratulations of being picked to join the roundtable, sometimes they are very overwhelming but very informative. Take lots of notes. : )
See all the photos and goodies soon.

Nena said...

Hi Amanda and Marcia,
Just from your email I can envision the inspiration and chaos. I'm wondering if Jackie Paton is there from New Hampshire. Does Red Rooster have a booth? I'm looking to contact Jackie and I don't have an email address for her. Also wondering what happened to Mark Lipinski. He resigned from his magazine and Quilt Out Loud. Any signs of him? Have a fun filled day. Nena

The Quilter "B" said...

What decision making you have to do; I don't think I could limit what I wanted for me let alone for everyone else!