Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thank You Pittsburgh!

So, it's approximately 9am on Sunday morning and Marcia and I are waiting at JFK in New York for our flight home. Market was great and I've enjoyed reading all your comments. We sincerely hope you'll join us on Saturday May 30th at 9am for the After Market Breakfast - we brought home some really fun, innovative and exciting things to share. None of it will be shown before the breakfast (since we have a lot of samples to get made before then!). I've included the last of our celebrity photos in this post (including a shot of me with my market fling - I hope nobody tells Lenni...)! This is Alex Anderson and me showing off the GO! personal cutters. We're down to just one machine in the shop again! Below is Pat Sloan and me at the APQS booth. Stay tuned for an email later this week outlining our Aniversary Specials - if you're not already receiving our emails you can sign up below. Thanks for following along!

Remember George from the Fons and Porter magazine ads? This is the real APQS George. SWEET MACHINE just for those of you who enjoy machine quilting but don't want a longarm. Marcia can sell you this one too (but only after I get mine)!


Mrs. Morton said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences at market. Looking forward to breakfast and hearing more about it.

The Quilter "B" said...

I'm impressed! Great pics! Love that George!

Pegola said...

Nice blogging. Enjoyed them very much.