Thursday, May 14, 2009

Market Post #2

Wow are we tired! Today was the unofficial beginning of market with a day-long program called "Schoolhouse" where we all rush around to mini classes that last 15-30 minutes each and enjoy that mushy brain feeling when it's over. It ends just in time for us to sit in a line until 8pm for the start of Sample Spree, where vendors who choose can give a little preview and special deals. Imagine the Filene's Basement wedding dress event quilt show style. Or cabbage patch kids. You get the idea. The most exciting thing for me personally was that the Hoffman folks had the 6 NEW BALI POPS! We got one of each to drool over and make new samples. Our orders were placed weeks ago with an expected delivery in June - you're going to want to preorder these people. YUM!

So, this picture is the "before" image of half of the exhibit hall. This picture was taken about 8am today. The next picture is as close to the same image as I could get at about 5pm. They made great progress and the show floor will open tomorrow for us to browse all their wares.

No quilt market would be complete without some quality entertainment and we knew only one special lady would do. She serenaded us with Frank Sinatra, the Beatles, and others while promoting her new book.

Eleanor Burns was kind enough to take time for a photo op when we told her you all were following along on the blog. We hope you're enjoying our adventures as much as we are. We found lots of fun new things at Sample Spree and are sure to find more on the show floor starting tomorrow. Have a great day and stay tuned!


Leslie said...

Looks like you are having a great time. And a photo-op with Eleanor Burns...very cool.

Pegola said...

I am definitely impressed. Photo with Eleanor Burns! By the way, I don't know how it happens but I became "Maget" in my comment yesterday. But it is me, Peggy Flynn (aka Pegola, Maget, whatever)
Have fun today. Peggy

The Quilter "B" said...

I love the before and after picture of the Market Floor, but I am thoroughly impressed with the photo op with Eleanor Burns!!