Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Fun Visit

Well, about 300 hoppers later, we're about ready to tie it all together. At the end of this week, I will draw the winners and post their lucky names here and on the Shop Hop page of our website. I hope all of you who hopped enjoyed your visit at Mariner's Compass and all the other shops.

Speaking of visits, Connor and Tucker got to spend the weekend with their Big Poppi from Pennsylvania and had a blast! Photo to come.

There's lots of new everything at MCQS - some gorgeous new Hoffman batiks and lots more. We have fabrics scheduled to arrive right up through August. We're gearing up for a fun group of summer classes. The Jelly Bargelly ended up being a little more involved and will require more than one session, so if you are interested, it will be re-scheduled to accomodate a more appropriate timeframe. Marcia's sample is awesome and will be in-store this Saturday. Let us know if you have a class request!

Stay tuned for the hop results (and don't miss tonight's results on Dancing with the Stars - yeah, I'm hooked.)

Happy Quilting!

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mflynn said...

Any chance you will be scheduling a class for the apple core quilt by Quilt Smart? Peggy